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IOWA BPA DATES—2019-2021

October 20-21, 2019 Fall Leadership Conference Urbandale, Iowa
February 16-18, 2020 Spring Leadership Conference Urbandale, Iowa
May 6-10, 2020 National Leadership Conference Washington, DC
October 18-20, 2020 Fall Leadership Conference Urbandale, Iowa
February 2021, TBA Spring Leadership Conference Urbandale, Iowa
May 5-9, 2021 National Leadership Conference Orlando, Florida


BPEI Officer Openings

All board postions are filled.

Please direct questions to Renee Davison at rdavison2@bedford.k12.ia.us

Thank you for your interest!



SLC 2019 Files (for advisors only):

Please check back in November for information.


BPEI Board

President Renee Davison rdavison2@bedford.k12.ia.us
President-elect Trish Hopper hopper@scciowa.edu
Secretary Abbie Weipert weipert.abbie@iowacityschools.org
Treasurer Sue Elwood elwoods@nicc.edu
Past President Barb Brown brown@swcciowa.edu
Secondary Rep Liz Skillern skillernl@shenandoah.k12.ia.us
Post-secondary Rep Trish Hopper thopper@scciowa.edu
Secondary CEAC Rep    
Post-secondary CEAC Rep Deb Jones djones@ilcc.cc.ia.us
State Advisor Deb Jones djones@ilcc.cc.ia.us
SLC Conference Coord. Sue Elwood elwoods@nicc.edu
SLC Asst. Conf. Coord. Karen Tussey ktussey@iowatelecom.ne
BPA State Officer Coordinator Diane Fickel Fickel.Diane@iowacityschools.org
Judge Coordinator Nikki Durlam nkjones2@gmail.com
Financial Director Peg Van Buskirk pegcort@mchsi.com
Dept of Ed Rep Kent L. Seuferer


The BPA Official Dress Code is required for all Business Professionals of America Leadership state and national conferences.  Students, advisors and chaperones must follow the dress code. The BPA Offical Dress Code can be found at the following link: http://www.bpa.org/nlc/dresscode.